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Tenant Handbook


It is of the utmost importance that the Building Personnel be notified of the exact date and time of your proposed move. Your moving Coordinator or your Moving Contractor should contact the Building Manager at 571-326-1599 to confirm all arrangements prior to the move. In order to provide the best possible support for moves or deliveries to the Building, we ask for your cooperation in observing the following guidelines. 

  • We request that your move be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or anytime on Saturday and Sunday. Large office moves may occur only during these times. An Engineer must be present during the entire move. Therefore, if you will be scheduling your move on a weekend or after 6:00 p.m. on a weekday, there will be an hourly overtime charge except at the time of your initial move-in. (This applies to prime Tenants; Subtenants will be charged for the Engineer’s time during their initial move-in.)
  • Each building is equipped with (1) freight elevator. This elevator will be made available for use during your move-in.  Please contact the Management Office in advance to schedule use of the freight elevator.  Unless otherwise authorized by the Building Management, only the freight elevator is to be used.  The Fire Marshall will not allow any fire corridor or exit to be blocked at any time; this includes the elevators, lobbies and hallways.
  • All moves and deliveries will be restricted to the use of the Loading Dock entrance unless otherwise authorized by the Building Management. If it is necessary to move through the Lobby, and if you have been authorized to do so, all entrance doors and Lobby floors and walls must be protected with Masonite or other acceptable materials.
  • Your Moving Contractors will be responsible for any damage to the Building incurred during the moving operation.  They should be instructed to do the following:
    • Pad or otherwise protect all entrances, doorways, walls and elevators affected by the move.
    • Use Masonite or comparable material on all floors over which the move takes place.
    • Report immediately any problems which will affect the Building, such as elevator breakdown, electrical disturbances, etc.
    • Remove all bulky packing cartons from the Building after the move operation is completed
  • The moving crew will not be permitted to smoke in any area of the Building