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Tenant Handbook

Move-In / Move-Out Information

In preparation for your move to Redwood Plaza, we have included the following checklist of forms and other information required by the Management Office. These forms, as well as other forms you will need over the life of your tenancy, can be found on the home page.

It is required that you complete the following forms and return them to the Management Office at least two weeks prior to your scheduled move-in. When using forms, please keep one copy for you and return the original to the Management Office. If you have any questions, please contact the Management Office at 571-326-1599.



  1. Move-In Day Information
  2. Access Card Request       
  3. Key Distribution
  4. Suite Sign Order Form
  5. Lobby Directory Strip Order Form
  6. Lobby Digital Directory Setup Form 
  7. Authorized Individuals and After-Hours Emergency Contact List
  8. Floor Response Team
  9. Physically Impaired Individuals
  10. Emergency Procedures Acknowledgement
  11. Spotlight Questionnaire



An Explanation of Forms for Your Move-In


Move-In Day Information
This form requests information regarding your move-in day. If there are any changes, please notify our office as soon as possible. We want to ensure that there will be no scheduling conflicts and that all the proper information has been received.

Access Card Request
At Redwood Plaza, one card is issued for building access. There is a $20.00 non-refundable fee for each Redwood Plaza access card. This fee applies to any access card purchase over the allotment prescribed in your lease agreement or for any replacements for keycards that have been lost.

Key Distribution
The Management Office keeps a list of all persons holding keys to your office suite. Please complete this form upon move-in and remember to alert the Management Office, as well as retrieve suite keys, when employees holding keys leave or are terminated. You will be issued adequate suite entry keys upon move-in.

Additional keys may be obtained through Building Management at a charge of $6.00 per key.  All doors must be keyed to the building master. If the space is not delivered with the keys properly keyed to the building master, changes to rekey to the building master will be made at the Tenant’s expense.  If for any reason you wish to change the locks, Building Management must be notified.

In the event that your suite has its own internal security system, a description of that system as well as any special codes required for its use must be submitted in writing to Building Management.  This information will be kept in confidential files but is required in the event we or any member of the Police or Fire Department should need to gain access to your suite during an emergency.

Suite Sign Order Form
Suite signage is prepared according to building specifications unless otherwise approved in writing by the Building Owner. Please fill out the enclosed form with the name of your company as you wish it to be displayed outside your suite door.  Door signs must be ordered at least three to six weeks prior to your move in order for installation to occur upon occupancy. Any additions or changes to the suite signage will be at the Tenant’s expense and always must be requested in writing to avoid any unnecessary errors.

PLEASE NOTE: No signs may be taped to the building corridor walls, suite entrance doors, building entrance doors, elevator walls, or Lobby walls at any time.

Lobby Directory Strip Order Form
The directory strips are prepared according to building specifications.  Any additions or changes to the directory strips or suite signage will be at the Tenant’s expense and always must be requested in writing to avoid any unnecessary errors. Please indicate on the enclosed form exactly how you wish your lobby directory strip to read.  Your directory strip must be ordered at least three to six weeks prior to your move in order for installation to occur upon occupancy.

Authorized Individuals and After-Hours Emergency Contact List
These lists will be used in the case of property removal questions, after-hours HVAC request, after-hours emergencies or after-hours access into the building. We will only allow the desired action to take place with the approval from an authorized individual.

Floor Response Team
This form designates individuals from your staff who will serve as floor wardens in the event of a building emergency.

Physically Impaired Individuals
Please list those individuals who may need assistance in case of fire, earthquake or other emergency.

Emergency Procedures Acknowledgement
Complete this form to acknowledge receipt of the Emergency Procedures information found in this manual.

Spotlight Questionnaire (Optional)
From time to time, the Management Office may spotlight a tenant in a building newsletter or other communiqué. We keep this information in a file for such occasions.