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Tenant Handbook

Work Area

All of the Contractor’s work, storage, staging of materials, construction office, etc., must be confined to within the Premises and/or area approved in advance by Owner and Management. Owner and Management shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to property belonging to Tenant or its contractors.

Tenant’s Contractor is responsible for the regular cleaning of the Demised Premises (and any affected adjacent areas) for the duration of the Tenant’s Work. Debris shall not be allowed to accumulate anywhere in or near the Demised Premises. Should Tenant’s Contractor not maintain the Demised Premises in a neat and orderly fashion, Management reserves the right to perform such cleaning at Tenant’s or Tenant’s Contractor’s expense. All doors to vacant areas must remain closed and should be secured at the close of each business day.

Contractor personnel shall use the freight elevators at all times.  Only Contractor’s supervisory personnel may us the passenger elevators.

Workmen will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, shall not use profanity or create a nuisance to other building occupants, licensees or invitees of tenants, loiter in the building or take breaks in close proximity to the entrances of the building. Workmen are not allowed on any floor other than the floor they are performing construction services unless escorted by a representative of the Owner or Management.

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the property or within the building.  Contractor personnel found to be in the possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are subject to immediate removal from the property and banned from further work on the property.

Radios, televisions or AV equipment with external speakers are not permitted.

The building is non-smoking.  Smoking is permitted outside at least 25 feet away from the building entrance and in the designated smoking area(s).