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Tenant Handbook

Fire System

Connections to either the fire alarm or sprinkler/fire suppression systems shall not occur until all other work related to such systems has been completed. Only the Building’s Contractor or designer (or an Owner-approved sprinkler subcontractor) shall make the tie-in to the base building fire alarm, and sprinkler/fire suppression system. Contractor is to contract directly with the Building’s fire alarm, sprinkler, electronic access control and security contractor for all base building connections. Refer to Exhibit B for contact information.   If a shutdown of risers and mains for electric, HVAC, sprinkler, fire protection and plumbing work is required, work shall be scheduled with prior written notice to Management.  Drain downs or fill-ups of the sprinkler system or any other work to the fire protection system which may set off an alarm may only be performed prior to 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. on weekdays (excluding holidays). Contractors will also:

  • Contact Engineer prior to performing schedule work.
  • Contact Engineer when work is complete
  • Contractor will not disable smoke detectors for any reason
  • Contractor personnel must be present at all times on each floor or specific work area where the smoke detectors are disabled.
  • Contractor will be charged $250 per occurrence in the event of a false fire alarm and subject to the fire departments fine.
  • Contractor is responsible for written documentation of fire watch during the periods when the fire system is disabled.