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Tenant Handbook


All Contractors are required to check-in with Management. Contractors are not permitted to start work until:

  • Contractor furnishes proper evidence of required insurance coverage.
  • Contractor furnishes copy of building permit.
  • Contractor exhibits an Owner approved set of drawings to use as a working set.
  • Contractor provides a work schedule indicating the anticipated date of construction completion, featuring work, and date of projected completion.
  • Contractor signs for and takes possession of any needed keys.
  • Contractor provides contact information for all supervisory personnel and subcontractors.
  • Contractor acknowledges receipt of information concerning all concealed piping, conduit, etc., that is installed above, below, or within the Premises.
  • Contractor acknowledges receipt of a copy of these Contractor Rules & Regulations.
  • Contractor provides a Plan of Action outlining the week’s activities the week prior to the work.