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Tenant Handbook

Base Building

All mechanical, electrical and plumbing work must meet Owner’s acceptable standards of quality, as well as all local, state and federal standards. Including but not limited to:

  • All flexible duct must include external insulation.
  • All unused duct tape/cutouts, etc. shall be covered with a duct plate of same gauge metal as branch duct.
  • A legible written tag shall be installed on all telephone and data cables. The tags shall include the tenant’s name and suite number at their origin and at every junction where the cables cross a corridor or an adjacent tenant’s wall.
  • All electrical circuits, panels, and metering devices shall be clearly labeled.
  • All electrical covers shall be fastened in both the tenant spaces and in electrical rooms.
  • Contractor shall store all thermostats and temperature sensors in a safe manner for re-use if applicable, removed during demolition.
  • All supplemental HVAC units shall be individually metered.
  • Light fixtures shall be cleaned and tested for operation upon completion of the project.
  • Contractor shall fill all penetrations resulting from piping, conduit or ductwork. The fill material shall be fire rated.
  • Contractor must air balance all branch circuits affected by construction which may include adjacent tenant spaces depending on existing duct work layout. The air handling system must be balanced by a certified air balancing firm and their air balancing report must be submitted prior to final payment.