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Tenant Handbook

Moving and Construction Rules and Regulations


KBS Realty Advisors, LLC & Transwestern Carey Winston, Inc.
for the properties located at 10560, 10580 & 10600 Arrowhead Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031
Management Office Phone: 703-698-1888  
Fax:  703-698-5259

Moving And Construction Rules and Regulations

  1. Building Insurance Requirements:  Prior to the commencement of any moves or construction work in the building, each moving company, General Contractor and/or independent contractor is required to submit a certificate of insurance. The Certificate of Insurance Requirements are provided separately. No work may begin without approved insurance documentation received by the Management Office.
  2. Building Hours:  Building hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  3. Elevator Hours:  A freight elevator is available for moves and large deliveries prior to 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.  Use of the freight elevator must be scheduled in advance through the Management Office by calling 703-698-1888.  Entrance and exit to the building by movers and contractors should be restricted to the loading dock area.
  4. Deliveries:  Any large deliveries, activities affecting the other Tenants of the building, or access to electrical or telephone closets, must be coordinated through the Chief Engineer or the Building Manager at 703-698-1888. No furniture or equipment may be moved in through the lobby. All deliveries must be made through the loading dock. An engineer must be present during any after-hours move or large delivery, and their time will be charged to the Tenant. It is the Contractor's responsibility to provide Masonite to protect the elevator and common area floors when bringing in materials and is to be removed at the end of each work day.  Carrying tools and equipment on the passenger elevators is strictly forbidden.
  5. Construction:  Management reserves the right to stop and reschedule any work creating noise that disturbs adjacent Tenants.  In all cases noisy work must be performed on weekends or before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.   For example, no concrete or Hilti drilling, concrete chipping, laying track, and core drilling or hammer-drilling is allowed during business hours.  All core drills must be x-rayed and scheduled with building management at least 72hrs in advance.  Any large projects require a construction supervisor on-hand at all times to be provided by the contractor. A building engineer must be available during all construction, and if necessary, his overtime will be billed at the actual billable rate (varies by engineer level).
  6. Smoke Detectors: In areas where there will be a large amount of dust generated, it is the Contractor's responsibility to bag the smoke detector in the area before commencing work and remove the bag at the end of the day.
  7. Fire System:  Any work to the building's sprinkler or life safety systems must be arranged as far in advance as possible through the Chief Engineer, at 703-698-1888. All tie-ins to the existing systems must be performed by building approved contractor. Any systems taken offline must be placed back in service at the latest by the end of each workday.
  8. Welding: The Chief Engineer must be contacted prior to any welding so that the fire alarm systems can be turned off and the owner’s Hot Works procedure can be followed. A dedicated fire watch must be performed by the contractor for 1 hour after any hot works and intermittently for 3 hours after that. Responsibility for fire watches is to be borne by the Contractor.
  9. Damages: The Contractor is completely responsible for protecting existing finishes, furniture, etc. for any work necessary in an occupied or unoccupied space adjacent to the Tenant space.  Any damage done in these spaces will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.  Any damage done to the common areas or elevators will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.
  10. Work in Other Tenant Spaces: The Contractor must give at least 48 hour notice and get Management and Tenant approval before working in any tenant space.  This must be arranged through the Management Office at 703-698-1888.
  11. Construction Clean-up: All clean-up and trash removal from the building premises is the sole responsibility of the Contractor. No construction debris may be disposed of in the building trash containers. All common areas used by the Contractor are to be cleaned and vacuumed/mopped at the end of each work day. All trash, lunch, tools, equipment, etc. should be removed from the windowsills.  Food trash should be disposed of daily. The Contractor shall be responsible for cleaning the interior of the windows and sills, prior to substantial completion. Any damaged blinds are the responsibility of the contractor unless specifically called out during a pre-construction inspection. Any building access cards issued to the Contractor shall be returned within 30 days of the Tenant’s move-in or shall be billed to the Tenant at the rate of $20 per card.
  12. Parking:  There is no parking allowed in the loading dock area for Tenant work Contractors.  Any vehicles blocking the loading dock will be ticketed and towed. Construction vehicle parking is allowed at the rear of the garage on the surface parking.
  13. Telephones:  The Contractor is responsible for providing a construction phone.
  14. Smoking:  Redwood Plaza are non-smoking buildings.  Smoking is permitted outside at least 25 feet away from the building entrances and only in the designated smoking area.
  15. Permits:  Permits are required for all alterations.  A copy of the permit shall be delivered to Management and Building Engineering before work may commence.  Any exceptions must first be authorized in writing by Landlord.
  16. Approved Tradesmen: Redwood Plaza has certain contractors approved for work in specified building functions. Whenever work is performed in these functions, only these approved contractors may be used.
  1. Fire Alarm: Fireguard  (410) 487-0500
  2. Air Balancing: Complete Commissioning (301) 877-2260

The Management Office Reserves The Right To Amend These Regulations Without Notice.

There are other Tenants in the building and on campus, and we endeavor to promote a professional working atmosphere.  It is important that each construction company engaging in any business at Redwood Plaza promote this atmosphere, and we expect a professional attitude from each individual worker.  These items should be addressed by each construction project manager to the crew and adhered to by all.

Thank you for your cooperation while working at the building.  If you have any questions, please call the Management Office at 703-698-1888.

Senior Property Manager: Laura Rogers 703-698-1888
Assistant Property Manager: Stephanie Feustel 703-698-1888